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100 Free College Rides You Don’t Need Daddy to Pay For

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Believe it or not, there are many colleges and universities that offer students free tuition. Many of them are funded by endowments, state programs, or even student workers. But they all offer an incredibly affordable way to get a quality education. Here, we’ve listed 100 real colleges and universities where you can go to school for free.

Academic Achievement

Getting good grades and scoring well on the SAT or ACT can help you get a free ride at these schools.

  1. Alice Lloyd College: In Pippa Passes, Kentucky, Alice Lloyd College offers fee tuition to students who demonstrate achievement on the SAT/ACT as well as GPA in pre-college curriculum.
  2. The Cooper Union: The Cooper Union offers academic programs in architecture, art, and engineering. Undergraduates are admitted solely based on merit and all receive full scholarships.
  3. The University of Arizona: Provided that you have exceeded testing standards, you can receive a tuition waiver to attend the University of Arizona.
  4. Union College: Union Colleges grants full tuition to all students who are National Merit Finalists.
  5. Oregon Institute of Technology: National Merit Scholarship Finalists and those with otherwise excellent qualifications can receive full resident tuition and fees from the Oregon Institute of Technology.
  6. Lorain County Community College: At this community college, students can earn merit based free tuition or receive the Diversity Incentive Award, which gives Lorain County high school graduates of specific ethnic groups free tution.
  7. Drew University: Students who have completed the Governor’s School in the Sciences can get free tuition from Drew University.
  8. Cisco Junior College: Texan high schoolers who graduate in the upper 25 percent of their class can receive full tuition and fees from this college.
  9. Arizona State University: At Arizona State University, you can get a full tuition waiver, provided that you have exceeded standards on testing in the state.
  10. Southeast Missouri State University: This Missouri school offers full tuition to valedictorials and those in the top 10% of their class with excellent test scores.
  11. Alfred State College: In New York, this college offers free tuition, room, and board to students with excellent academic achievement.
  12. Temple College: If you’re a valedictorian or salutatorian from an accredited Texas high school, you can get free tuition from Temple.
  13. Dallas Baptist University: National Merit Finalists can get free tuition from this university.
  14. Southwestern University: Students with a 1400 on the SAT or who are in the top 5% of their class can apply for the Brown Scholar Awards program, which awards full tuition, room and board.
  15. Baylor University: National Merit Finalists who select Baylor as their first choice college will receive free tuition.
  16. Spring Arbor University: National Merit Finalists will get a free ride at Spring Arbor University.
  17. Kilgore College: National Merit Finalists receive a 100% tuition guarantee at this college.
  18. Lon Morris College: Students who graduate in the top two percent of their class, or those who have scored in the ninetieth percentile or above on the SAT or ACT will get full tuition at Lon Morris College.
  19. East Texas Baptist University: If you’re a National Merit Semi-Finalist, your full tuition is paid for at East Texas Baptist University.
  20. CUNY Honors College: All students who are accepted to CUNY’s Honors College will receive tuition and many other expenses for free.
  21. Texas Women’s University: You can get full tuition and fees at this university if you’re a valedictorian or salutatorian.
  22. Northern Arizona University: Arizona students who have excellent test scores can receive a tuition waiver for Northern Arizona University.
  23. McMurry University: If you qualify for McMurry University’s honors program, your full tuition and fees will be covered.
  24. Weatherford College: Valedictorians can get free tuition from this school.
  25. Blinn College: Texas valedictorians and salutatorians can receive full tuition and fees from Blinn College.
  26. Southwestern Adventist University: Students who are National Merit Finalists can get 100% tuition coverage from this university.


These schools will ask you to work in order to earn your tuition.

  1. Berea College: At this liberal arts college, you’ll be expected to work for your tuition.
  2. College of the Ozarks: This college brands itself as "Hard Work U," as all of its full time students are required to work with the school in order to pay their tuition.
  3. North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Students who have low income and work on campus can attend UNC-Chapel Hill for free.
  4. Deep Springs College: In Colorado, this all-male liberal arts college offers two year programs with a full scholarship to all of the school’s 26 students, who participate in manual labor as part of their education.
  5. United States Coast Guard Academy: The Coast Guard Academy’s students attend tuition-free and will also receive a monthly stipend while in school.
  6. Webb Institute of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering: Students of the Webb Institute study naval architecture and marine engineering. Tuition is paid by participating in a winter work term, in which students wotk in the maritime industry.

Need Based

Students who come from low income families can get free admission from these colleges and universities.

  1. University of Washington: Washington State residents who demonstrate need may be eligible for free tuition at the University of Washington.
  2. John Carroll University: Families making less than $40,000 per year can enroll incoming freshmen tuition-free.
  3. Texas A&M: Students whose families earn incomes less than $60,000 are eligible for free tuition at this Texas university.
  4. Washington State University: Washington State University has a similar program to University of Washington’s. Washington resident students who qualify for Federal Pell or State Grants can apply for a free tuition program.
  5. Texas Tech University: You can get free tuition and fees from Texas Tech if your family’s income is $40,000 or below.
  6. Claremont McKenna College: Claremont McKenna College will award students with 100% of their determined need. The college also matches full Army ROTC scholarships with a grant for full room and board.
  7. Michigan State University: The Spartan Advantage program offers full tuition coverage for the neediest Michigan students.
  8. Stanford: If you get accepted to Stanford and your family earns less than $100,000, you can go to Stanford for free.
  9. Harvard College Financial Aid Office: Through the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative, students from families with annual incomes below $60,000 will not have to pay for tuition.
  10. Soka University: Soka University, a private college in California, offers free tuition to students whose families make less than $60,000 per year.
  11. University of Texas: If your family earns less than $25,000 a year, you can attend the University of Texas for free.
  12. University of Virginia: As a part of the AccessUVa program, you can attend the University of Virginia for free.
  13. Sacred Heart University: Families with an income of less than $50,000 can send their children to Sacred Heart University for free.
  14. Dartmouth: This elite school will allow students whose families make less than $75,000 a year to attend school for free.
  15. University of Pennsylvania: Students from families who have an income below $90,000 will not pay tuition at the University of Pennsylvania, and students with a family income below $40,000 will not have to pay room and board, either.
  16. MIT: MIT waives tuition for all of its students who come from families that earn less than $75,000 per year.

Professional Demand

These programs are designed to add incentive for qualified professionals to enter the market.

  1. The Teacher Academy: At The City University of New York, exceptional students can receive free tuition, stipends for internships, as well as a guaranteed full time teaching position.
  2. United States Military Academy at West Point: If you receive a nomination to attend West Point, you will be granted admission and do not have to pay for school.
  3. Barclay College: This Christian college offers full tuition to all on-campus students.
  4. Call Me Mister: This program at Clemson University and other colleges recruits black males to become teachers, and offers them free tuition.
  5. The Curtis Institute of Music: Founded in order to train exceptionally gifted young musicians, The Curtis Institute provides merit based full tuition scholarships to the students who are chosen to attend the school.
  6. United States Air Force Academy: Students enrolled at the United States Air Force Academy do not pay tuition, provided you fulfill your service with the US Air Force.
  7. Crossroad Bible Institute: This institute offers a free religious education to those who are in prison.
  8. University of Central Florida College of Medicine: This college offers a free medical education to a very select group of students.
  9. United States Naval Academy: Students in the US Naval Academy do not pay tuition, instead repaying the Navy through years of service.
  10. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering: This college supports the engineering as a creative design, vehicle for human and societal needs, and a creator of value. As such, the college offers free tuition to all that are accepted.
  11. Abilene Christian University: Abilene Christian University gives full tuition to students who have declared their major in computer science or technology.
  12. Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine: Students at the Cleveland Clinic of Case Western Reserve University will receive free tuition.
  13. Master’s Baptist College: This Baptist bible college is a ministry of Fargo Baptist Church.
  14. United States Merchant Marine Academy: Students of the US Merchant Marine Academy do not pay tuition.
  15. New Wine Bible College: This college operates as a non-profit ministry, offering free religious education to students.

Location Based

A number of cities, counties, and states offer free tuition to students who either excel in their studies, or demonstrate a serious need.

  1. J.F. Drake State Technical College: If you’re a high school graduate of specific Alabama counties, you can study for free in J.F. Drake State Technical College’s summer session.
  2. University of California: As a resident of California, you can attend University of California tuition free.
  3. El Dorado, Arkansas: Students living in El Dorado, Arkansas, can get a free ride to college.
  4. Clay County, Mississippi: Clay County students can get free tuition at East Mississippi Community College.
  5. Philadelphia: Students in Philadelphia who have stalled their college degree can get free tuition from Philadelphia in order to finish their studies.
  6. New Jersey: Students who graduate in the top 20% of their class can get free tuition through the NJ Stars program.
  7. Tulsa Community College: All high school graduates in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, can receive free tuition at Tulsa Community College.
  8. Newton High School: Graduates of this high school will receive a four year tuition scholarship.
  9. Highline Community College: In association with Federal Way Public Schools, students can attend the college tuition-free.
  10. West Virginia: West Virginia offers a merit-based program that gives full tuition scholarships to qualified students.
  11. Oklahoma: Oklahoma’s Promise entitles students whose families have an income of $50,000 or less to receive free tuition.
  12. Owens Community College: This community college offers free tuition to select public schools in Ohio.
  13. Brookhaven College: This college has partnered with a variety of high schools to offer tuition-free courses.
  14. The Kalamazoo Promise: Residents of Kalamazoo can get free tuition to universities in Michigan.
  15. Clark University: Students who live in specific neighborhoods or who attend the University Park Campus School will receive free tuition at Clark University.
  16. Akron, Ohio: Children who are residents of Akron can attend the University of Akron or advanced trade schools can get free tuition.
  17. University of Minnesota: Minnesota residents can take advantage of the University of Minnesota’s free tuition program.
  18. University of Georgia: Georgia residents who maintain at least a B average will be able to attend the University of Georgia tuition-free.
  19. Century College: High school graduates with a financial need from select St. Paul high schools can attend Century College tuition free.
  20. California State University: Residents of California can receive free tuition from California State University.


Get free tuition from these online colleges and you’ll truly get a good deal. You won’t even need to pay for room and board!

  1. Andrew Jackson University: Take your education anywhere, for free, with this online tuition-free university.
  2. Trinity College of Biblical Studies: Apply to this online bible college to get a free religious education.
  3. The DiUlus Institute: You’ll be able to attend this online research institute for free.


Go overseas for a free education with one of these schools.

  1. Jonkoping International Business School: This university in Sweden promises free education for all of its students.
  2. Free University of Bozen-Bolzano: You’ll be able to study economics, education, computer science, and more in this free, multi-lingual university.
  3. Uppsala University: Uppsala University is a well ranked, free university.
  4. Karolinska University: Study in a hospital setting for free with this medical school.
  5. Ecuador universities: If you become a police or military officer in Ecuador, you will be able to receive a free higher education.
  6. KTH Royal Institute of Technology: You can get a free technological education at the Royal Institute of Technology.
  7. Warwickshire College: Adult students can get free tuition from this college.
  8. Lund University: At Lund University in Sweden, you will not have to pay tuition fees.

Special Groups

These schools and programs offer free tuition to special groups such as veterans and senior citizens.

  1. Wyoming Veterans’ Benefits: Veterans, war orphans, and widows can get free tuition in Wyoming.
  2. North Carolina Wesleyan College: Under the Silver Scholars Program, senior citizens 60 and above can take courses at this college tuition free.
  3. University of Rochester: In a number of the University of Rochester’s programs, veterans will receive free tuition.
  4. Hill College: Hill College offers free tuition to blind or deaf students, foster care students, and students who have graduated high school early.
  5. Disabled Veterans’ Children in Indiana: Students who are children of disabled veterans are eligible for free tuition in Indiana.
  6. Benedictine University: Armed forces veterans can get free tuition at Benedictine University.